Bangladesh’s Reserve stealing: Maia Deguito arrested in Philippine


Maya santosDhaka, August 17, 2016: Philippine police on Wednesday arrested Maia Deguito, a former manager of a Manila bank linked to $81 million stolen from the Bangladeshi central bank’s account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, broadcaster ABS-CBN reported.
Unknown cyber criminals tried to steal nearly $1 billion from the Bangladesh Bank account between Feb. 4 and Feb. 5 and succeeded in transferring $81 million to four accounts at Rizal Commercial Banking Corp in Manila.
Maia Deguito was arrested in a supermarket in Manila’s business district. Police served an arrest warrant related to a perjury case filed by former RCBC president Lorenzo Tan.
The broadcaster said Deguito will be held until offices open on Thursday when she can post bail of 6,000 pesos ($130).
In April, Tan filed a civil complaint against Deguito for abuse of rights and defamation, arguing he was protecting his reputation after Deguito testified that he was aware of the opening of five questionable accounts at her branch.
The stolen funds were deposited in four or five accounts, and later laundered into untraceable gambling chips in two casinos in Manila. Only about $18 million was recovered. ($1 = 46.4 pesos). NEWAGE


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