BNP demands withdrawal proposal of increasing gas tariff


BNP-flagDhaka, August 9, 2016: Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Tuesday demanded immediate withdrawal of proposal of increasing gas price terming the move as ‘anti-people’ and ‘unlawful’.
BNP joint secretary general Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal at a news briefing at the party’s central office in the city came up with the demand.
He said increasing price of gas without carrying out total survey on the basis of opinion of all stakeholders over its impact on economy and livelihood of people would be an ‘extreme eccentricity’ and would further deepen sufferings of people.
Alal said proposal for fresh increase of gas price proved that the government isolated from people did not have responsibility.
He said price of gas was increased only eight to nine months ago and as per law of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission this proposal for increasing gas prices within less than one year is ‘unlawful’ that means ‘violation of law’.
The BNP senior leader said proposal for increasing gas price would not be needed if corruption and plundering in this sector by the ruling party leaders were checked.


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